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Ada Richards

Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by! I am a qualified Fitness Instructor who is specialized in yoga-infused bodyweight exercise programs to offer no equipment one-on-one or group fitness sessions which you can do absolutely anywhere in-person or online!

Coming from a sports-enthusiast family I could say I have 30 years of experience in yoga and fitness but let's be honest I only started taking it seriously at age 4-5. Jokes aside, I have been a PT for 3 years, and during that, I trained with the most versatile clientele learning the needs of and having fun with ladies younger and older. 

While I enjoy an occasional visit to the gym, my approach to fitness is  "no excuses!".

So I specialized in no-equipment, no-space fitness programs. Living in London with a toddler, a home-officed husband, two cats, and a dog means I often work out in the Bermuda triangle of the laundry rack, dirty teacups, and a pile of toddler toys, whenever I can catch a break. 


I learned how to balance a busy job, my family life, and staying fit and would love to share it with you!


 While bodyweight exercises are suitable for weight loss and toning, and to increase your cardiovascular performance and stamina, combine them with yoga and you will increase flexibility, range of movement, balance, and coordination even further. 

Areas of Expertise

Bodyweight Exercises (Chalistenics) 
Ante- and Postnatal Fitness 
Geriatric Fitness   

In-person and Online!

My sessions are client-tailored and designed based on your health, fitness level, and personal preferences.

For weight loss / increased fitness level, we combine HIIT, cardio, and toning exercises and warm-up and finish off with yoga.

For shaping, we will do yoga-infused calisthenics.

If you are expecting or had the pleasure to already meet your baby I will guide you to remain fit or regain your fitness. Little ones are welcome at the sessions and with my expertise, we can successfully work on diastasis recti rehabilitation, on the mommy pooch, and your overall well-being. (Picture was taken 9 months after my daughter was born via emergency C-section.)

I also have experience working with senior clients and had successfully contributed to rehabilitation work after musculoskeletal injuries, increasing mobility and flexibility and preventing age-related deterioration of overall fitness. 

I carry out my sessions in South London in person in your home, at a suitable location, or online!

Sessions can be one-on-one or you can invite your family/ friends to tag along (under 12s go free!) as I also offer group sessions at a discounted individual rate. 

Please scroll down to read a few client testimonials!



Take that important first step... and contact me!

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All information will be handled confidentially.

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